About BUG

BUG Publishing Company is a small publishing house specializing in the creation and distribution of illuminating and extraordinary artwork.  Founded by “two bugs” who share a love of art, exploration, and each other, we find illumination in the unknown and achieve clarity in interconnection.  Our intention is to share the work we love with the world we love, with a fearless commitment to our own integrity.

Where did BUG come from? 

BUG birthed from the realization that we are more than our given names and societal identities. We are so much more just than another Bean (human ‘bein).

Each one of us is a lover, artist, healer, warrior, child, comedian, mother, murderer, sage … and much more.  We are infinite.  We are beyond rhetoric.  Everything we need already surrounds and fills us.  If we have experienced it, then can we speak of it.  This is BUG.

What does BUG mean? 

BUG means freedom: the discovery of the Bug within the Bean.  The understanding of nature as a whole… as inseparable, ever-swirling… and ultimately:  miraculously beautiful.

BUG is a symbol of growth and evolution. BUG is a symbol of courage, humility, and love.  Take a moment to listen to the whispers all around you and the energies that flow through you.  If you do this, you will see what is meant when we say that BUG is about wonder, interconnection, and awakening.

At BUG Publishing Company, we dedicate our art to all the Bugs that exist, right now, in Bean form.  You aren’t alone.  We hope that our art helps you.  Break free into experiencing the extraordinary, here and now, where it blooms within and all around us.